Arches Branding Guidelines

(Updated March 25, 2020)

These guidelines are for anyone using the Arches brand assets (logo, icon, and word marks) for Arches-specific dissemination and communications (digital and print). For general information on using Arches marks and other trademarks owned by the J. Paul Getty Trust, visit the Trademark Policy page.


Arches Word Marks

Examples of use:

Arches® Project
Arches® Platform
Arches® Collector
Arches® Designer
Arches® Reference Data Manager (RDM)
Arches® for Science

Arches Logo

The logo is a combination of the Arches icon and word mark. The primary color of the logo is Arches Red (color specs below) and alternate logo colors are black and white.

Arches Icon

The icon can be used on its own if the Arches brand has already been established in the communication by naming Arches®, or if the logo with the word mark is already present in the communication. The primary color of the icon is Arches Red and alternative icon colors are black and white.


“Powered by Arches” Badge

A “Powered by Arches” badge, which incorporates the Arches logo, can be used to identify unique implementations of Arches. The Arches community is encouraged to display a “Powered by Arches” badge on their Arches implementation, documentation, informational materials, etc. Files are included (in .png and .svg formats) with two layouts and various color combinations.




Arches Colors

The logo and icon primary color is Arches Red. Black is appropriate for grayscale formats and white is recommended for dark or patterned backgrounds.



Trademark Usage* (Logos and Word Marks)

You may not change the logo or icon except to scale it. This means you may not add decorative elements, change the colors, change the proportions, distort it, add elements, or combine it with other logos.

The first or most prominent mention of the logo or word marks on a webpage, document, packaging, or documentation must be accompanied by the registered trademark (®) symbol.


Examples of misuse of the Logos and Icon

Uses we consider non-infringing

You may use the word marks, logo, or icon on your own website to show your support for the Arches Project or use of Arches as long as:
• Your own branding or naming is more prominent than the Arches word marks, logo or icon;
• The logo and icon, if used, hyperlink to the Arches Project website (;
• The site does not mislead visitors into thinking that either your website, service, or product is the Arches project’s website, service, or product; and
• The site clearly states that you are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Arches Project or the J. Paul Getty Trust.


Publications and presentations

You can use the word marks in book and article titles, and the logo or icon in illustrations within the document, as long as the use does not suggest that the Arches Project or the J. Paul Getty Trust has published, endorsed, or agreed with your work.



You can use the word marks, logo or icon in signage to promote the software and Project at events, as long as the use does not suggest that the Arches Project or the J. Paul Getty Trust endorses or agrees with your work.


Arches User groups

You can use the word marks as part of your Arches user group name provided that:
• The main focus of the group is the Arches software;
• Any software or services the group provides are without cost;
• The group does not make a profit;
• Any charges to attend meetings are to cover the cost of the venue, food and drink only.

Note that you may not use or register the word marks, logo or icon as part of your own trademark, service mark, domain name, company name, trade name, product name or service name.


Uses we consider infringing without seeking further permission from us

Please see the Getty’s Trademark Policy for more information on uses that we would likely consider an infringement on the Arches marks.


Thank you!

If you have questions, or for any uses not covered in these guidelines, please contact the Arches Project team at

*These Trademark Usage guidelines are based on the Model Trademark Guidelines, available at, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: