Arches User Groups

What is an Arches User Group?

An Arches User Group is a group of people from a variety of organizations formed around similar interests related to Arches, which may include domain specialty, technology and/or geographic location. Members of a user group can share information, knowledge, and expertise with those of similar backgrounds or motivations and collaborate on key matters pertaining to their understanding and use of the Arches Platform.

A user group can meet virtually or in-person, depending on the needs and location of the members involved.

All user groups must agree to abide by the Arches Community Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions about Arches User Groups or the code of conduct, please email us at


Benefits of an Arches User Group

  • Leverage group knowledge, skills, and experience
  • Ask questions and provide support
  • Identify issues and solve problems
  • Streamline efforts and reduce redundancies
  • Prioritize suggested improvements
  • Escalation process to fix glitches and bugs


Existing User Groups


How can you create a User Group?

Many user groups form organically on the Arches Community Forum through shared interests or goals with the Arches project. If you are interested in forming a user group, share your interest on the community forum or message us at and we can help connect you with other members of the community.

To create a page on the Arches Website, complete the attached form and submit to

Here are some tips for organizing a user group:

  • Identify potential members who can benefit from and contribute to the group
  • Invite potential members to a meeting, either remote or in-person, to discuss the Arches User Group idea
  • Decide on a recurring group meeting schedule. For example, bi-monthly or monthly
  • Track questions, ideas, concerns and tips to facilitate information sharing
  • Identify member’s skill set and expertise for knowledge sharing
  • Determine optimal User Group communication channels (Zoom, forum, email)


Share knowledge back with Community

As your user group grows, there is a greater opportunity to extend knowledge across groups for the broader Arches Community.  Utilize the Arches Forum for knowledge sharing, asking questions and receiving input from other Arches users and domain specialists.


Resources for Arches User Groups

  • If you need assistance coordinating or setting up a virtual meeting space for your user group, please contact the Arches Project Team at
  • Github provided a useful resource to help guide organizing a user group meetup. For additional information, check out their Meetup Organizer Timeline.
  • Social media is a great way to reach a broader audience for attending your meetup. Tag us @archesproject in any upcoming event posts and we will help spread the word.
  • Please review the Arches Branding Guidelines for information on using Arches brand assets for Arches-specific dissemination and communications, including user groups.

Last updated: May 2022