The Arches team is excited to announce that Arches Version 4 will be released on March 24, 2017. Arches v4 was built to make it much easier for those with non-technical/non-programming backgrounds to implement and customize the platform and includes the following new features and updates:

  • An installation wizard that should make installing Arches much simpler for those uncomfortable with command line interfaces
  • Integrated graph design tools. V4 will let you build graphs and share your graphs with other Arches users
  • Data entry form design tools. Arches will automatically build data entry forms based on your graphs and let you configure them to meet your particular data entry requirements
  • An integrated geospatial data server that will allow you to manage your own map data (such as aerial photographs, satellite imagery and historic maps)
  • A library of resource report templates that you can configure so that resource reports contain exactly the information you want
  • Node-based permissions manager that will allow you to define data access permissions for every node in a graph
  • Enhanced search tools
  • Better data import/export handling
  • Performance improvements

A fully integrated online/offline mobile data collection app will be developed for Arches v4 later in the year. The mobile data collection app will be available for iOS and Android, and will allow for the creation of specific data collection projects with defined users, data fields, and spatial extents.

For a preview of some Version 4 functionality, check out the following blog posts from Farallon Geographics:

If you have any questions about Arches Version 4, please visit the Arches Discussion Forum to find an answer or post your question.