Arches Resource Model Working Group Package

The Arches Resource Model Working Group Package includes branches that illustrate the patterns established by the Arches Resource Model Working Group. These branches can be used as the basic building blocks to create Arches Resource Models.

Last updated: September 11, 2020
Arches version: tested against Arches master commit 3ee66d8ed0117064c4e2c3b4e858f98f0d029c28 in anticipation of Arches v5.1
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Activity branch (ARM WG)The purpose of this branch/model is to support documentation of activities undertaken by actors. It can be implemented as branch underneath an Actor model, or as a resource model unto itself that has one or more relationships to Actors.
Contact Point branch (ARM WG)This is a basic branch which describes the contact point for a resource.
Creation branch (ARM WG)This is a creation branch, which describes the production event of a Conceptual Object.
Description-Statement branch (ARM WG)This is a simple description branch, where description is treated as a linguistic object. It can be used when the description refers to any type of entity (Person, Place, Object, Activity, etc.) It is the most generic way of describing something.
Dimension branch (ARM WG)This branch is designed to be used as a basic tool for capturing dimension information.
Identifier branch (ARM WG)This branch captures identifier information.
Name branch (ARM WG)This branch captures basic name information.
Production branch (ARM WG)This is a simple production branch, which describes the production event of a Man Made Thing.
Time-span branch (ARM WG)This is the basic time-span branch. Its function is to enable the documentation of common types of knowledge regarding the extent or duration of a temporal phenomenon. Particularly it allows the expression of definite start and end dates for a time-span, approximate outer bound estimation of time-spans and duration knowledge of time-span in terms of maximum and minimum duration of a temporal occurrence.