In recent years, an increasing number of projects using open source software have been funded by cultural institutions and foundations. This is a transformative time for the heritage field, as digital technology initiatives can lead to innovative advancements in the management, conservation and protection of cultural heritage.

If you are a funder or a grantee of a cultural heritage project using open source software, guidance early on in the planning and development process is fundamental to the success and sustainability of the project. With this in mind, Open Tech Strategies prepared “Guidelines for Funding Open Source Software Development (2017).”

These Guidelines, among other things, focus on some of the problems that are often encountered in the early stages of the funding process and also highlight the widely-recognized benefits of an open source approach. The Guidelines may also be instructive for others involved with open source software development.

For recent examples of foundation-funded projects using open source software, visit these project websites:

EAMENA (funded by Arcadia Fund)
Digital Lab Notebook (funded by National Endowment for the Humanities)
ImagineRio Project (funded by the Getty Foundation)

In the comment section below, please let us know your favorite advice for a fledgling project using open source software, or ask us a question!

*Open Tech Strategies has been advising the Arches Project on managing an open source approach since Arches was established in 2012. These guidelines were commissioned by the Getty Conservation institute under the auspices of the Arches Project.