Arches Modeling User Group

Group Summary

The Arches Modeling User Group consists of Arches community members who are interested in learning about and sharing knowledge about creating Arches resource models. Participation in the group is open to all community members, regardless of experience in Arches, modeling or technology.


Primary Contact

Contact Annabel Lee Enriquez ( if you have questions about participating. To receive updates about the group and meeting reminders, fill out the Arches Modeling User Group E-Mail List Sign-Up form.


Meeting Dates

This user group meets quarterly.

Check out the “modeling-user-group” tag on the Arches Community Forum for updates on past and upcoming events.


Goals or Aims

  • Share knowledge about creating and sharing Arches Resource Models


Participants/Organizations and Roles




Community Forum Posts
Check out the modeling-user-group tag on the Arches Community Forum for information on the Modeling User Group’s meetings and also for asynchronous modeling discussion.
July 9, 2024 Meeting

Last updated: July 2024