Arches Demo

See below for information on creating an account for full access to the demo site.

The Arches demonstration site has been created so those interested can get a hands-on experience with the platform.

The test data in the demonstration version of Arches has been assembled from various sources, in particular:

  • Los Angeles Historic Resources Inventory – This demo version of Arches contains a small subset of the current dataset from, which was the first large-scale implementation of the Arches platform and describes the built cultural heritage of the City of Los Angeles.
  • Valley of the Queens – The Valley of the Queens data contained in this demo version of Arches represents only a small portion of the information collected as part of the Getty Conservation Institute’s conservation and management project. It is included to provide an example of how such archaeological data might be managed within Arches.
  • Additional data sets will added over time


The current Arches Demo site is running Arches v6, and while there are many enhancements over v5, the user interface is mainly the same. For a tutorial on how to use the Arches Demo, click on the video link below for the Arches webinar on the v5 Demo with Q&A, presented in August 2020:

For the full transcript and slide deck of this webinar and to view other webinars, please visit the Arches Videos Page.


How to access the Arches demo site (click to open)

The Arches Demo site is currently available at Visitors without login credentials can search the demo’s data by navigating through the new search and discovery interface.

In order to enter and edit the demo site’s data, visitors must sign up for access:

  1. Click on “Login/Register” from the home page:

  2. Click on “Register/Create new account”:
  3. Enter your information in the appropriate fields:
  4. Within an hour, you should receive an email to confirm your account. (Please check your spam folder if it does not arrive within this time.) After clicking the link in the email confirmation, you will be able to login to the Arches demo site to create new resources and edit existing ones.
  5. Within a few days, you will be sent an email informing you that you have been given the ability to edit the controlled vocabularies in the Arches Reference Data Manager.

This demonstration version of Arches will be refreshed monthly (according to schedule below) and all data added to the system WILL BE OVERWRITTEN DURING THAT PROCESS WITH NO POSSIBILITY OF RETRIEVAL. Also, please be aware that any information entered by you will be viewable and editable by all users of the demo version.

User profile information, including login credentials, will also be refreshed according to the schedule below. After each refresh date, you may create a new account.


June 9, 2023
Arches Demo Site Refresh (includes deletion of all user account data)
August 25, 2023
Arches Demo Site Refresh (includes deletion of all user account data)
  Additional dates to be added to schedule.

To stay informed about the Arches platform (including any new information regarding this demo), please like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or follow our LinkedIn page. If you have any questions regarding Arches, please visit the Arches Community Forum, where you can search for answers or post new questions.

Last updated:  June 2023