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The current Arches code repository is accessible on GitHub.

For Developer Installation instructions, please see the developer documentation on GitHub:

See below to install specific versions of Arches:

Arches Version 4

In order to install Arches Version 4, please see the official documentation:


Arches Version 3

For the recommended way to install Arches Version 3.0, please see the official documentation:


Arches Version 2

Arches v2.0 download –

Release Notes:

  • upgraded Arches to Django 1.6
  • updated the way Arches manages resource types, concepts, and authority documents aka added “Package Management”
  • simplified and improved the installation instructions (available here)
  • simplified the database schema
  • streamlined the install process
  • upgrade the virtualenv to 1.11.2
  • plus several bug fixes

Arches v2.0 Packages
Arches Core Data Standard (CDS) v1.0.0 (requires Arches v2.0.0)  –