Arches Features and Capabilities handout

Arches Features and Capabilities


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Arches Flyer

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Arches Webinar on September 13, 8am PDT: Demonstration of the Greater London Historic Environment Record (GLHER) Online

Stuart Cakebread, Greater London Historic Environment Record Manager at Historic England, will present a webinar on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at 8am PDT (US Pacific Time) / 4pm BST (British Summer Time) that will provide an overview and demonstration of Historic England’s implementation of Arches for the Greater London Historic Environment Record (GLHER), including addressing the following topics:

  • Demonstrate GLHER Online’s custom workflows for processing consultations related to archaeological impact assessments
  • Demonstrate Esri Arches Pro – Discuss the modifications Historic England is contributing to Arches, which used in Arches for HERs
  • Explain how work on GLHER Online is resulting in a new Arches package called Arches for HERs that is purpose-built for UK Historic Environment Records (HERs) and any organization that conforms to the standards specified by the Forum for Information Standards in Heritage (FISH), including MIDAS Heritage

Immediately following the presentation will be a Q&A session on the webinar topics.

This webinar will include live captioning and will be recorded for later viewing.

Registration is required:



Conservation Perspectives, The GCI Newsletter, Fall 2022: Heritage Data Management

Click here to see the PDF version of the Fall 2022 Conservation Perspectives, The GCI Newsletter on Heritage Data Management, featuring an article on the Arches Project. Click here for past issues of the newsletter as well as a link to subscribe.







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Additional Links

The following resources are available on the website to learn about Arches and to discover its many robust features.

  • Review the What is Arches? page for an overview of key information about Arches.
  • Check out the Arches Demo Site to get a hands-on experience with the platform.
  • Explore featured Arches implementations to get an idea of how organizations and projects deploy Arches.
  • Watch previously recorded Webinar Videos to get deeper explanation of the platform features.
  • Consult and participate in the Arches Community Forum for technical and community-based support for installing and maintaining an Arches implementation.