Arches Package Library

The Arches Package Library is a resource for Arches implementers who are looking for entire packages (or their constituent branches and resource models) to help to form the foundation for their own Arches implementation.

It is a work-in-progress and is currently being managed by the Arches Resource Model Working Group.

What is a package?

Each package included in this library is a bundle of information and core components critical to an Arches implementation. A package can include any combination of branches and resource models, thesauri and collection files, business data, and other files that configure an Arches implementation. The goal behind making these packages available is to offer a means of inspecting resource models that already exist in an Arches instance and providing a starting point for creating a package for your implementation. Some of the package repository links also include project files that are required to replicate the Arches implementation fully. Project files include: page and report templates; new datatypes, functions, card components, widgets; workflows and other plug-ins; and other Arches software customizations. For more information, see the Arches documentation on Arches Projects and Packages.

How to use this library

Below, you will find links to the information pages for the available Arches packages in this library. Each page includes information on what’s included in each package repository and the required Arches version. Each page also includes a link to the Arches implementation that the package was initially created for as well, if applicable, as well as a link to the GitHub repository where the package can be cloned or downloaded. These packages can be used as-is or can be modified and adapted to fit your own data requirements.

For information on how to load a package, click here.

List of Available Packages

Arches Resource Model Working Group

Branch and resource model diagrams and downloads for the Arches Resource Model Working Group.


Packages Coming Soon!

Arches HER (Historic Environment Record)

Arches project and package files to record and manage heritage data in England, in accordance with MIDAS Heritage.


Arches for Science (AfS)

The Arches for Science project and package will extend the Arches Platform to provide a comprehensive system to help conservation scientists secure, retrieve, visualize, compare, and share their data, and manage project tasks in the lab.



The ARM WG created documentation to assist with learning and understanding best practices related to building and creating resource models and branches for your own Arches implementation. To access this documentation, select the button below.