The Arches Project team would like to invite you to attend an information session on the Arches heritage inventory and management system during the International Conference on Cultural Heritage, EuroMed 2014 (November 3-8, 2014, Amathus Beach Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus).

The session will take place on Thursday, November 6th from 16:00 to 18:30. (Updated time)

We welcome conference participants who would like to learn about Arches and recent project developments, including an overview of the new functionality that will be available in Arches version 3.0. Other topics that will be covered are:

  • An overview of how Arches manages heritage data, including international data standards, controlled vocabularies, and integration with external services
  • How to use Arches, including creating and managing data, using the layer library, searching and reporting functionality, and an overview of system administration
  • Suggestions for evaluating Arches for use by your organization
  • Deployment scenarios, including possible uses and an overview of what may be involved in installing and configuring the system, data import and export, and potential customization


Members of the Arches Project team will be available to answer questions during and after the information session.

In addition, as one of the conference’s keynote speakers, Tim Whalen, Director of the Getty Conservation Institute, will present the GCI’s conservation work, and in particular, its collaboration with the World Monuments Fund on the Arches Project.

To reserve a space, please sign up at There is no fee to attend this information session, although participants must be registered for EuroMed 2014. More information about the conference is available at: