Arches US User Group

Group Summary

The Arches US User Group consists of US-based heritage organizations, service providers and developers, seeking to share knowledge about implementing Arches and to potentially collaborate on mutually beneficial Arches software development and methodologies.


Primary Contact

Contact Galen Mancino ( if you are interested in participating.


Meeting Dates

This user group meets every two months on the second Thursday at 12pm PT.

Check out the latest on the Arches Community Forum for updates on past and upcoming events.


Goals or Aims

  • Share knowledge about implementing Arches by presenting various stages and scales of Arches instances and by helping to guide users through the various steps;
  • Collaborate on mutually beneficial Arches software development (enhancements, customizations, and improvements) and methodologies, including learning about and working together on funding opportunities;
  • Share best practices and lessons learned for processing legacy data;
  • Consider developing Arches registry to:
    1. Develop better understanding of who has experience and expertise on various aspects of Arches development and implementation,
    2. Collect and compare operating systems, architecture, and hosting platforms for different implementations,
    3. Provide links to each implementation that currently has a public facing component,
    4. Allow members of public to register their own information, and/or
    5. Gain inspiration!
  • Bring developers and users together to better understand needs, limitations, and opportunities for growth;
  • Collaborate through testing, especially when instances are nearing launch;
  • Hold each other accountable for progress, especially for independent users;
  • Coordinate joint meetings with other user groups; and
  • Make Arches more accessible.


Participants/Organizations and Roles

See the member list found in the Google Drive folder linked below.



You can find all resources related to the US User Group in the Google Drive folder, including:

  • Zoom meeting details
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Member contact list
  • Running list of topics and ideas

Last updated: February 2024