Arches v2 Glossary


The Arches System Concept Glossary defines all of the concepts represented in the Arches graphs as well as key concept labels in the Arches system. The concepts are derived mainly from the soon-to-be published CIDOC International Core Data Standard for Archaeological and Architectural Heritage (CDS), and the glossary includes each concept’s class mapping to the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) (ISO 21127:2006). For more information on how Arches incorporates these into the system, visit the Arches Standards and Interoperability and Graphs pages.

The glossary is comprised of seven different types of concepts, each defined below:

  • Data Field – Also existing as graph nodes, these concepts are expressed as data fields where users can enter information in the system.
  • Node only – These concepts exist only as concepts in the graphs.
  • Controlled Vocabulary – These concepts refer to the controlled vocabularies as expressed in corresponding data fields.
  • Resource Type – One of thirteen types of resources for which Arches creates an inventory record for.
  • Resource Category – One of four categories under which resources are organized.
  • Information Themes – These concepts represent the system labels for the different types of information that can be recorded for each resource.
  • System – These concepts are automatically generated by the Arches system.


Last updated:  August 2017