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April 2020




Arches Version 5

The Arches team like many others is working from home to minimize the spread of Covid-19.  We hope that you and your families stay healthy during this challenging time.  The good news is that impact on our work, including a full slate of software development, is minimal, and we will continue to maintain communications as usual.

We want to hear from you!

In order for us to better understand your Arches-related questions and needs during this time of social distancing, in a few days you will receive an email requesting that you take part in a very short survey.  The survey results will help us prioritize and share information that may be helpful to you in the coming weeks.  We very much look forward to your input!




Arches Branding Guidelines

We have just made available downloadable versions of the Arches logo, icon, and “Powered by Arches” badge, and have created new guidance on use of Arches brand assets for our community.  We encourage you to use these brand assets for Arches dissemination and communications purposes (digital and print).  

To download and view guidance on using the Arches brand assets, visit the new Arches Branding Guidelines page.

Webinar:  Arches Version 5.0

In February, the Arches team presented an overview of the recently released Arches Version 5.0, and questions submitted by participants were answered during a live Q&A chat.  Highlights of the overview included new software features, enhancements and important technology upgrades.  Also, webinar participants were introduced to newly developed capabilities, including Arches Workflows, the Task Manager and Notifications.

To view a recording and transcript of this webinar, as well as previous Arches webinars, visit the Arches Videos page.




Arches UK User Group Meetup*

In 2019, a UK Arches User Group was formed to enable members from various UK-based heritage organizations, academic institutions, and technology service providers to share experiences, expertise, and combine efforts.  Since the initial meeting, the group is preparing Terms of Reference for its operation. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the March meeting has been postponed until later in 2020.

To learn about the next Arches UK User Group meetup, join the Arches Discussion Forum for announcements and information.

Note:  Do you want to start a user group in your area?  Look for the upcoming Arches User Group:  Getting Started Guide in the next bulletin!


Arches Developer Meetup in San Francisco*

The 1st Arches Developer Meetup* will take place in San Francisco in August (pandemic permitting).  Hosted by Farallon Geographics Inc., it will include several independent Arches software developers and offer a great opportunity for them to learn, share and collaborate on Arches technical development.  

*Please note that registration for the meetup was closed on February 28th; see the original Arches Developer Meetup announcement post.

* Arches events hosted by the Arches Community

Would you like to submit an upcoming event to be included on our Arches Events page?  Email us at

Community Highlights


Who is using Arches?

Arches has been implemented by organizations worldwide, and we are always enthusiastic to find out about new and upcoming implementations.  If you would like your implementation listed on our website, email us at  Please provide a brief description, a screenshot and a link to your implementation if it has been made public.

Recent featured implementations include:

Nepal Heritage Documentation Project (NHDP)
NHDP’s first commitment is to historical monuments and objects that are spread across the Kathmandu Valley.  Today, these monuments still play important roles in the active social and religious habitats of the old town of Patan.  However, many of them are endangered due to the aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes, urban transformation, and dramatic demographic shifts that occur with economic and social change.  Supported by the charitable fund Arcadia, the project documents the historical and anthropological ‘biographies’ as well as the current state and use of the monuments.  NHDP is founded on expertise in extensive heritage documentation fieldwork in Nepal, data management and the development of Digital Archive of Nepalese Arts and Monuments (DANAM) since October 2018.  All content published in DANAM is freely available in an open access format.

Description and image provided by the Nepal Heritage Documentation Project


Qionglin Settlement, Kinmen County, Taiwan
The Kinmen Qionglin Settlement Survey aims to establish the information and digital resources of cultural heritage based on the concept of Cultural Heritage Lifecycle in different types, including the data of basic designated registrations, surveys, management-and-maintenances.  This program is conducted by the China University of Technology with support from the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Taiwan Ministry of Culture. 

Description and image provided by the China University of Technology. 

Discover more Implementations of Arches.


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